Love God and honor Him! When you pray, do not worry about words or what to say, let your prayer come from a pure heart.

Keep the Holy Spirit of God in your home. The family that prays together before the icon and vigil lamp stays together forever.

Keep the periods of fasting. It is good for the body and gives life to the soul.

Be sorry for all of your sins. Do not make excuses for them. God forgives you through his priest in the sacrament of confession.

Receive Holy Communion, the precious Body and pure Blood of Christ so that you can live forever.

In any necessity, call upon the ever-virgin Mary, the All-Holy Mother of God. Never was it known that anyone sought her help was left unaided.

Ask the Angels and saints to help you. Great are their prayers. Especially call upon your Family Saint, your KRSNA SLAVA. Your father and grandfathers before you prayed this way.

Love and honor your father and mother! Seek their blessing before any great undertaking in your life, for they are instruments in your life.

Husbands and wives love one another as your promised before the Lord! Provide for the spiritual education of your children that they might have balanced minds.

Be good to people, especially those in our Household of the true Faith.  Do only that to others which you would have them do to you.

Believe in the Bible and the Holy Gospel as the Living Word of God.

Serbians, keep the Faith of our fathers! Support the mission of Holy Orthodoxy, which alone holds us together in unity.