Serbian Orthodox Christmas Tree

On Sunday, November 18, 2012, the students of St. John the Baptist Serbian Orthodox Church and St. Nikola Serbian Orthodox Church participated together to decorate a beautiful “Serbian Orthodox” Christmas Tree at Brookfield Zoo.

The students of both Sunday Schools created ornaments for the tree that demonstrated our religious and Serbian Orthodox Christmas traditions. The children decoratedthe tree with ornaments of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus, the Nativity of Christ,St. Nikola, a poem written by Saint Bishop Nikolai Velimirovich - “Andjeli Pevaju”, Christmas song “Rozdestvo Tvoje”, and a variety of Serbian customs. In addition, we attached Serbian Orthodox Flags (shields) to the gold garland that circled our tree. It was truly beautiful to see how involved the students were in this project and how proud they were of the final result. The teachers and students of St. John the Baptist’s Sunday School would like to thank Mary Warmus (Sunday School teacher of St. Nikola) for asking us to participate in this wonderful event with her.

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