Dear Brothers and sisters!


            Today, in our Church, we celebrate Vidovdan with a memorial service for all Serbs killed defending their homeland, their faith, and their families from the Battle of Kosovo in 1389 to today. The Serbian People lost the battle of the Turks in 1389 and up until 1912 lived without freedom under Turkish occupation.


            We celebrate and honor this today to show our younger generation how our homeland, our faith, and our families are protected.


            Unlike the Turks, our forefathers did not go off to kill others, or to forcefully convert them. Our forefathers did not take away people’s children to take them to Janjicare or harems. They lived on their own land in peace and love with everyone. That is why we are proud of our forefathers every Vidovdan. That is why we speak of them and pray for them.


Regrettably, even today Serbians are dying on Serbian Kosovo. Before the democratic world, the new faithless and the Muslims are forcing the Serbs from their homesteads. We know who is to blame, but won’t judge them since we are not without sin. How much are the Serbian faithless, the communists, to blame for all these events.


            For how many years did they ban celebrating Vidovdan, and teaching children about Serbian history. Only the Church, then and now, has waged the battle to preserve the national spirit of the Serbian people with remembrance of Vidovdan. Because of the Serbian sufferings – our Vidovdans – our people have had many immigrations, and emigrations. That’s why we are here. For that, understand the meaning and message of Vidovdan so we may live in unity and love as brothers.


            Attend Church, celebrate your slavas, respect one another, and love each other, for in this way our history will be preserved, just as it was preserved along with our faith during 500 years of Turkish occupation. With preserved faith, language, and culture, the Serbian nation came to life when liberty and freedom arrived.


            We hope all our new immigrants will remember this for themselves and for their children, so they won’t forget who and what they are. Memory Eternal to all our Serbian he and May GOD help our brothers who are suffering in Kosovo today.


"Whoever is a Serb and of Serb birth,
and of Serb blood and heritage,
and comes not to the Battle of Kosovo,
may he never have the progeny his heart desires,
neither son nor daughter!
May nothing grow that his hand sows,
neither red wine nor white wheat!
And let him be cursed from all ages to all ages!"